Gail Leventhal’s Story

Gail Leventhal’s Story

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December 17, 1969 was a momentous day! My twins were born and my life would be changed forever! But three months later, my life was to change again! I dislocated my knee cap and had to be on crutches…with twins! That took some real ingenuity.

My husband, who was working on a production deadline, was away most of the time, and all he was really able to do was thumbtack baggies onto my crutches in order to transport baby essentials around the house! Then, to top that off, my doctor read me the riot act for not staying off my leg, which he reassured me would not heal until I did. Right…and I’m suppose to do that with infant twins! What would I do? Where was my mother when I needed her? She was 3,000 miles away in New York.

In order to get off my leg and get some help, I had to fly cross-country on crutches with 3-month old twins. It was an experience I will never forget! Finally, after a very long flight with NO help from the flight attendants, I finally reached New York and I cried with joy and relief when I saw my mother. Everybody needs a grandma!

Grandmas2Go would have been a god-send to me if it had existed back then…but now I’m grateful to belong to this group and can give back to other young families that need a grandma!