About Grandmas2Go

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About Us

Grandmas2Go-Family Coaches (G2G) is a nonprofit, 501c3, organization based in Medford, OR and is providing ‘trained and trusted women of wisdom and experience’ to struggling families to mentor, nurture and support parents during the critical years of their children’s brain growth – from pregnancy to preschool (0-3 years).  And Grandmas2Go gives senior women an opportunity to stay active, involved, and learning, while giving back to their communities, establishing relationships, and finding a new life-purpose in their encore years!

With the 2-year Pilot Program’s demonstrated success, we are now ready to embark on our first proactive fundraising campaigns and recruitment drive for new Grandmas.  Our multi-generational programs target 3 generations:  senior women, parents, and young children.

Our ‘Grand Plan’ is to replicate and scale our elegantly simple concept regionally and nationally. The exponential growth potential is virtually unlimited! This innovative ‘Grand Plan’ will be achieved through a grass-roots collaborative Strategic Partnership network.  It will build synergistic relationships with established local area nonprofits, as well as initiating its own independent operations.

Imagine how an enormous team of volunteer Grandmas could positively impact communities throughout America!

What We Do

Throughout history, elders have traditionally passed along their knowledge, life experience and support to younger generations. Grandmas2Go partners with local agencies to improve the well-being of the children in our communities while bringing aging back into a celebratory light.

  • Our Grandmas2Go are women who serve as family coaches for new moms, single parents and young families. All volunteers are trained and undergo reference and background checks.
  • Mentors bring skills, experience, wisdom and patience, while supporting the family in a non-judgmental way.
  • We provide non-medical, physical, emotional, and informational support at no cost to the family.
  • We help at-risk families break the cycles of abuse, neglect, violence, addiction, poverty and hopelessness that plague our communities.

Women of wisdom pay it forward

No job is more important than being a parent. Yet, first-time moms and dads often lack the support they need when becoming new parents. No instruction manual is provided and many parents are distanced or disconnected from family and the emotional support they need during the critical early years of child development. Many parents feel isolated. Some have never had healthy parental models.

At the same time, the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is older adults (age 50+), who are also the healthiest, most active and best educated in history. Women of wisdom and experience are looking for new opportunities to stay active, engaged and connected.

Grandmas2Go has matched a serious problem with a powerful solution. In our new model, older women guide our younger sisters (and brothers) through the early stages of parenthood. As more children get off to a healthier start, we can build healthier communities that are tolerant, nonviolent and life affirming.

Our mission is clear:

  • Give every child a strong foundation for lifelong success.
  • Model and share positive parenting skills.
  • Help at-risk families break the cycles of abuse, neglect, violence, addiction, poverty and hopelessness that plague our communities.
  • Provide women of wisdom and experience with purposeful opportunities to stay active, engaged and connected.
“90% of the human brain reaches its adult size between conception and age 4. This is a critical time for the developing brain. Children need safe, predictable, nurturing and repetitive experiences to ensure success.”
– Dr. Bruce Perry, Expert on Brain Development and Trauma